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001. Beginnings by ukesiedaisy 001. Beginnings :iconukesiedaisy:ukesiedaisy 24 10 Vincent with a Cid Teddy by DeidaraSmexy999 Vincent with a Cid Teddy :icondeidarasmexy999:DeidaraSmexy999 4 10 Bed time with Vincent and Cid by CidGirl Bed time with Vincent and Cid :iconcidgirl:CidGirl 5 1 Tenderness in Release WIP by karenohemgee Tenderness in Release WIP :iconkarenohemgee:karenohemgee 22 3 ++Farewell And Goodnight ++ by Lily-Carroll ++Farewell And Goodnight ++ :iconlily-carroll:Lily-Carroll 105 62 FF7 - Turk Banana Split by chrislea FF7 - Turk Banana Split :iconchrislea:chrislea 181 48 KH2 - Novel Progression by chrislea KH2 - Novel Progression :iconchrislea:chrislea 86 44 FF7 - Sleepyroth by chrislea FF7 - Sleepyroth :iconchrislea:chrislea 169 39 Cid and Vincent by terrabm Cid and Vincent :iconterrabm:terrabm 94 23
Theme 23 - Valenwind
Theme #23: Distasteful
"Cid, stop it." Vincent whispered hoarsely, as he was pushed against the footboard of Cid’s sprawling bed. His slender hands groped ungraceful across the smooth wood, clawing at, and finally clutching, the knobbed bedpost. He could feel the pilot’s fiery hot, naked body against his back, the prickly tickle of stubble grazing his jawbone as the blonde laughed roughly in his ear.
“What, y‘ don‘ want it?” He taunted in his thick southern drawl, a heavy calloused palm taking unshy liberty with the gunners supple backside, rough nails scraping at smooth, tender skin, before delving unhindered into Vincent’s warm crevice. The older man groaned as he was penetrated by three thick fingers, his legs buckling and causing him to sink, unsupported, onto the mattress. Still clutching the bedpost, he tried in vain to steady his suddenly heaving chest.
“No…I don‘t…” He gasped. Cid snorted, and drug his tongue ho
:iconff-fanfiction:FF-Fanfiction 2 3
notes1 by KupoGames notes1 :iconkupogames:KupoGames 61 45 Don't pop that balloon by pichu90 Don't pop that balloon :iconpichu90:pichu90 209 102 Min_Stabbed by Mashura-Di Min_Stabbed :iconmashura-di:Mashura-Di 13 11 Thanx for 1000 hits by Linake Thanx for 1000 hits :iconlinake:Linake 13 22 Content by bardicsidhe Content :iconbardicsidhe:bardicsidhe 64 8 Otogi by Linake Otogi :iconlinake:Linake 82 53
my Fave pic love these pic got collection of my fave pics in here
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Rules of Surviving Anything Horror :iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 0 0
Mature content
Nightingale Song :iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 0 0
The Classroom
Young teenage Kanren was packing up her school things to go home after finishing up her History class then headed out as she did so she passed one class room that no one would talk about nor walk into after school for some weird reason and she never asked why that was, she went on her way until she heard foot steps coming from the classroom.
Kanren flet a ice cold shiver run down her back as the hall got colder enough to see her breath which was odd to her because the staff kept the school pretty warm then taking her time to look around the now dark hallway this made her worry as the cold got worst when she stepped away from the room, panic ran though her body at that moment in time just as a hand came though the door of the classroom Kanren wasted no time turning to run for it not know what those hands belong to and not wanting to find out just what or who it was.
'Fuck fuck fuck god damnit fuck.' was the only thoughts running her head as she ran down that hall from what ever that thi
:iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 0 4
BBC Sherlock x Reader + OC: Chatroom
(Y/n) : Your name
I own nothing but the OC
Sherlock logged on
John logged on
Greg logged on
John have you seen (Y/n)?- Sherlock
Uh....I thought she was with you?- John
Maybe she went out with Fiinn?- Greg
Molly logged on
Mary logged on
Hello Molly, Mary.- Greg
Hello everyone.- Molly
Yes yes hello, now have you two seen (Y/n)?- Sherlock
Sherlock! Don't be rude. Hello Molly, Mary- John
Hello dear and why do you need to know Sherlock?- Mary
Because I need her for an experiment.- Sherlock
NO! I will have you do experiments on my sister!- Greg
(Y/n) logged on
Fiinn logged on
Ah (Y/n), Fiinn where are you?- John
Just hanging around.- Fiinn
.........- Greg
?????- Molly
What does that mean?- Mary
What she means is we are in a warehouse hanging from the ceiling over a pool of water- (Y/N)
Who put you there?- John
John we both know it was clearly Mycroft.- Sherlock
Sherlock why the bloody hell would Mycroft put my sister and his girlfriend in a warehouse over a pool of water?- Greg
:iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 2 0
Mature content
Your friend Tony ( BrucexReader ) :iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 1 0
lovely lady by apple-girl65 lovely lady :iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 1 0
Dragons, I can tell you about them but I'll have to tell you about the one I have fallen in love with first. I've became a hunter for my mother, for she was killed by one and so I became one but one day I fallen for one who had saved me. 
I can't say why I have fallen for her but I can tell you one thing that is that dragons are more than meets the eyes so let me tell you a story and history about dragons but be sure to be in a safe place also be sure to know that you are alone after all dragons are all around you and you just need to know where to look.
Adrian blinked at the note he found in his dead father's things this was something he didn't thing his father would have in the small box he had gotten after the passing also who was N? The brown haired male sighed and got up well he could always find out after all how hard could it be?
"Well dad thanks for the odd note I guess." He muttered as he poured another cup of coffee then spotted a journal. "Hmm."
:iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 1 11
Mature content
Your week with Shiki (ShikixChubby!Reader) :iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 1 2
Christmas Horror
okay I made a Christmas fic base off of my dream so yep I'm mess up ^^;
I own the girl and I'll think about makeing a part 2 =3=
The girl ran down the hall as fast as she could.
All she knew was that thing was behind her just walking not running just walking the frightened girl looked behind her and saw HIM, again fear ran thru her so she ran faster as she felt murderous intntent rolling off of HIM.
God she felt like crying but all she knew was to get away as soon as she could.
The girl ran into a room to hind, she was slightly relief when HE walked by calmly.
She took the time to look around the room and saw many Christmas things with blood on them lots of blood.
Now she was terrifed, a shudder ran down her spine then she glanced at the door and run to the other door that was on the another side room, scared she open the door slowly seeing how it was to a different hallway so she walked out wit
:iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 1 0
Daughter of Evil/Servant of Evil
alright this is a NeaxFem!Allen fic for Christmas gift for :iconHevvinXD:
alright I don't own anything
Songs: Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil
By: Len and Rin Kagamine from Vocaloid I love them so when heard the songs I thought of Allen and Nea for some crazy reason and I got this idea so here you go Hev and Marry Christmas XD I hope you like it oh chara death sorry ;A;
"Ah, ah, ah Now, bow to me!"
Allen sat in her throne room bored out of her mind when her butler came up to her and whisper in her ear.
"We have find your new servant Lady Walker."
"Really Lavi, let me see him then." Allen said with her eyes shineing.
"I'm right my Lady." a voice said as Allen turn her head to see a boy bowing infront of her about her age with black hair and was a butler suit like Lavi but it was white like her dress she had on.
"Look up so I can see your face." Allen said as she stand infront of h
:iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 7 6
Mature content
Things Happen to Good People :iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 0 0
Mature content
My Vampire Prince :iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 0 0
My Week With Russia and Belarus
             My week with Russia,Belarus
Sadly I don't own them TTATT
Hideing from Belarus
I had my dresser up against my door while hinding behind my bed as Belarus pounded at the door.
"Apps come out and marry me!" Natalia said as she pound on the door.
"No! Go away." I whimper as I pulled my teddybear name Russia closer to me it's times like these I wish she didn't know that I liked her alot.
"Marry me marry me marry me." she said as she broke the down and the dresser I squeaked when she ran over to me and put her arms around my waist and nuzzled my chest makeing me blush.
"Marry me~"
"" I squeaked out as she continue to nuzzle my chest.
Picking sunflowers with Russia
It was a nice day for me and Russia.
Belarus was nowhere to be seen so we took this chance to pick some sunflowers for the house.
"Beautiful sunflower Da."
"Yes they are Ivan." I said with a smile and looked at him then blinked when he pulled me into a hug whi
:iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 0 4
Mature content
If,It's Love part 2 :iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 1 11
Mature content
Leon Valentine :iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 1 0
Mature content
Fear the Darkness :iconapple-girl65:apple-girl65 0 7
my picy I hope you love it.

all my art n fanfics :smooch:
so injoy :giggle: :hug:



It's my birthday......... I am now 25....... one more year closer to 30 ;~; yay me


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Yo guys I haven't been on for awhile because I was busy and I was planned on coming back on about four days ago but I saw the news of what had happen over the weekend in Orlando, Florida and being part of the LGBT community I wanted to process what had happen over there and to have a moment to remember those who was killed by an dick with a gun.

I live close to Florida like it's just down the road from my small town if I take just the right roads to get there and it scared me to know that it was close to where I lived and It scared me to know just how easy it is to get a gun like that in Fl....... hell it's not that hard to get a gun like that here in AL and to see that it is being played off as a terrorist attack (which it is) and not a gun problem (which also it is). The main problem I have with the whole thing is that Republicans is that they are hiding the FACT IT IS A GUN CONTROL ISSUE as much as I love my country it can be fucking dumb sometimes yes terrorist are a problem and yes the F.B.I fucked up big time when the guy was question by them but it is a problem when he had an easy way to a gun which has no waiting time to get and it has little to almost no waiting time here in AL to get too when I think about it.

I'm so angry and so tried of hearing 'a mass shooting happened in so and so today leaving many dead.' in the god damn news I'm angry that we have to go though it over and over again..... When is our gov. going to realize that we need to tighten our gun control. I'm going to get off because I'm getting worked up again over this issue.

R.I.P those who had lost their life to that scumbag piece of shit in Orlando,FL my heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims. Asuna Praying Icon


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